Hello, I’m Gaurav, one of the team members at and I’m excited to write this inauguration blog post on our freshly installed WordPress Blog ? #honored

So, what exactly is

Good question. Well, Creww is an attempt at solving an often-ignored-yet-existing problem of making most of your team’s combined social media influence and network. Sounds too geeky and full of jargon words – I agree. We still have to do some work on improving our pitch – but we are in no hurry as we are going to keep a bootstrapped company forever.

Alright, let’s understand the idea behind Creww via these three common situations:

  1. When your content marketer or blogger-in-chief writes a blog post and shares on the Slack channel, how many team members really share that link? Not Many.
  2. When an HR pings you on your team chat about a new opening, how many of you share the same with your network of friends? Not Many.
  3. You are probably the most loyal & dedicated team member of your team and do everything possible to spread the word about your company, your products or job openings. But, did anyone ever acknowledge the same? Nope, never.

Well, we face these situations every day, every week. And, I’m sure 1000s of other teams and businesses must be facing these situations every day.

So, we decided to fix this through Creww. Creww is a platform where marketers and HR professionals can capitalize their team members’ reach without nagging them. And, team members earn Creww Coins which they can convert into cash, gift cards and experiences. 

To make this fun, we have gamified the whole platform so there will be a leaderboard & every week 3 members will emerge out as rockstars. This is a good way to acknowledge the good work of your team members & motivate others to be more vocal about their company, products and job openings.

Creww already integrates with Slack and Basecamp. In coming weeks, we will be integrating with other team collaboration products like Asana, Trello etc.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to ping me at

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