Team Members as Brand Ambassadors

Creww is a gamified way of engaging your team members to spread your content & reward them for their actions. In other words, it is a dream come true for your Marketing and HR Teams 😎

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How Creww works?

Creww automatically converts your team members into brand ambassadors in 6 easy steps.

1. Invite Team Members

Invite your team members on Creww either manually or by uploading CSV or connecting Basecamp.

2. Connect Social Networks

Team members connect their social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin). They can post your content manually or automate it.

3. Share New Content on Creww

Share new blog posts or job postings on Creww either manually or by automating it using Zapier.

4. Team Members Start Sharing

Team members start sharing this content. You can track all published posts & their reach.

5. Everyone is rewarded

Team members earn Creww Coins for every action. These coins can be redeemed as coupons or deals.

6. Automates Marketing & Engagement

Using our integrations with different team collaboration tools, this pseudo-marketing tool start working on its own.

Creww Coins

Creww creates a distribution channel for your content via social networks of your team members.

Team members earn Creww Coins for their actions. As a business, you can set how many coins each action should generate. Coins can be redeemed as vouchers, coupons etc.